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Developer Licence

You can buy our templates and make them based on their subject and send the marketplace, in which case you need to write us a letter, in which you want to specify a pattern that needs extended license link to your profile target, the name of your theme.

Resell the template, in the same way, it will be impossible, that is, you can do this kind of theme, without the right to resale, as is.

You can not submit the same theme on the stock exchange like ThemeForest or wrap bootstrap extended license for your template should differ by at least 50%, including the other pictures.

You also can not use the exact same design on other engines such as Wordpress, Prestashop, Opencart, Drupal, Magento - in this case, we agree to act as a theme in 50% of the profits from sales. Also, we need to know on what grounds are planned sales and a link profile.

About the license:

For each module used in the subject need a license for the design, too, need a license.

Buying an extended license, some modules need to buy again because they bought at the extended license and I do not is their copyright, resale extended license Developer prohibited.

That is, you buy it for yourself is the ultimate user.
In turn, the theme based on the template you can sell any number of times, having an extended license.

Also, I would recommend a blog, mega menu, and possibly other modules.
On average, the license of these modules you will take 380-400$.

The average price for an extended license is 3450-5000$

You can pay via my PayPal account.

After payment, I will send a formal letter, which will give the consent and license code from the need to know the name of the template, CMS and purpose for which this template will be used.

Also, we will be able to provide support on some issues.