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License agreement

User Agreement

1. Terms

The activity of this online shop is carried out following applicable Russian legislation and, in particular, following the Law of 07.02.1992 № 2300-1 «On Protection of Consumers' Rights, RF Government Decree of 27.09.2007 N 612" On approval of the sale Goods remote way. "

Rules of the sale are posted on this site, developed following applicable law and binding on Buyer and Seller.

2. Seller.

Seller of goods offered in this online shop Presta Pro, posted at, is "Presta Pro", has, location: Vladivostok, ul. Gryazelechebnitsa 9, phone 8 (4232) 9644440222, e-mail: (hereinafter - the "Seller").

Seller shall accommodation on this website all information about products offered for sale and any other information related to the activities of this Internet store.

Order Product through this online shop can be done around the clock *

* Note - Seller is not responsible for malfunctions of telephone networks and lines, Internet channels, servers, providers, by third parties.

Seller may:

1. Defend their rights by all available following the laws of ways.

2. Demand from buyers of execution conditions of sale of goods under these Rules

3. Buyer

Buyers shop can only be individuals who purchase goods exclusively for personal purposes not related to business activities.

The buyer must:

1. In the case of registration - to register online shop following the rules proposed by the Seller for such registration.

2. Select a product by adding it to the shopping basket;

3. Check out the form proposed by the Seller;

4. Confirm its agreement to Terms of Sale, offer to the seller;

5. Report to the Seller his surname, first name, as well as persons who at the direction of the Purchaser will be the recipient of the goods;

6. Inform the Seller delivery address, name, number, type of product

7. Agree to pay the price, which includes service on the organization of the Seller's delivery of the goods and the transfer of goods in the amount and manner proposed by the Seller.

8. Take the goods themselves.

9. Pay for the goods in bulk and on the terms set out on site and following these Regulations.

4. Purchase

A proposal for concluding a contract for the purchase of a product long product description posted onесли otherwise provided in the information posted on the site in respect of a particular product.

The acquisition of goods via the Internet shop is the implementation of the buyer some of the actions envisaged to carry out such a purchase, namely:

choice of goods, by adding it to the basket of orders;
ordering in the form proposed by the Seller, confirm agreement to Terms of Sale;
receiving an acceptance of an order;
payment and receipt of goods following the agreed procedure.

The buyer must have her email address, which will be used as its identifier (log-in).

Along with the purchase of goods, Seller provides the Buyer with a service delivery organization and to deliver the goods for a fee. Cost of the service organization and delivery of the goods included in the price.

5. Registration

Register in our online shop is required to complete the purchase. Registered buyer is entitled to one-time savings and discounts, as well as to participate in various bonus programs and promotions. Unregistered buyer meets right to buy.

To register, you must fill out a form with personal details on the registration page. Please note that only the data marked with "*" are required for submission.

When you register you must enter your e-mail, which will later be used as your ID and password.

If you forgot your password, use the password reminder. Your password will be sent to you in your e-mail.

On the "My Account" you can always change your registration data.

6. Catalog

The entire range of goods offered for implementation through this online shop, in the catalog of products.

The catalog and these Regulations contains a complete, reliable and accessible information that characterizes the proposed product, namely, information about: the name of the product, company name and country of origin, designation of standards, regulatory requirements, which must comply with the goods, basic consumer properties, quality and safety goods, terms and conditions of effective and safe use of goods, price, manner and terms of payment for goods, the warranty period if it is set for a particular product; confirmation of conformity of the goods specified requirements, as well as other information.

7. Price

All prices for products that you'll find in our catalog are listed in rubles, VAT exempt.

Along with the purchase of goods, Seller provides the Buyer with a service delivery organization and to deliver the goods for a fee. Cost of the service organization and delivery of goods and displayed during the formation of the order, also on the page "Help" of the site.

Payment is made the price of goods in any of three ways at the discretion of the buyer: a service Webmoney, exchange or automatic Robokassa Yandex-money.

8. Terms of sale

Terms of sale are the conditions of the contract, under which will be the sale of goods represented in our online store.

The selected products will be delivered and transferred to you in the property following the procedure specified in a Regulation Internet store.

Your compliance with the payment procedure and order of the goods outlined in these regulations, as well as adherence to the rules of the internet shop is a condition for the fulfillment of obligations to deliver goods ordered by you.

You, as the buyer of goods, will be invited to express their consent to the Terms of the sale of goods by clicking on the "Order". After receiving your agreement to the Terms of the sale, we will assume that you have expressed their will for the purchase of goods in our shop following these Regulations.

9. Delivery of goods

The delivery of goods is carried out immediately after the payment of the goods.
10. Warranties

Presta Pro company is grateful for your choice and ensures the flawless functioning of the goods purchased in compliance with the rules of operation.

11. Privacy Information User

In accordance with Art. 9 of the Federal Law "On Personal Data" № 152-FZ of 27.07.2006, you consent to the Seller to perform any act on its own or through third parties, processing (including collection, systematization, accumulation, storage, refining (update, change) distribution (cross-border transmission, transfer to the execution of contracts of sale of goods), depersonalization, blocking, destruction of their personal data reported in the purposes of registering online store, as well as purchase and receipt of goods presented in this online store.

Consent to use personal data given by the purchaser for 3 years. Such consent may be withdrawn by a notification to the buyer by e-mail with contact information customer.

12. Other Information

By using this Web site, the buyer thereby acknowledges that completely agree with the terms of use outlined in this Section, and undertakes to fulfill them.

In any part of this site may be inaccuracies or technical errors. The contents can be periodically amended and/or amendments.

13. Warranties of Seller.

Items on the site are provided as is without warranty, exchange, and refund.

You can hire a freelancer in the future or our team for improvements, not less than 20 euros per hour.

Presta Pro Company thanks its potential buyer for their attention to our website and in addition to the stated in these Rules the sale of goods ensures full performance of obligations under its agreements with the purchasers, the transfer of goods ordered by you on time, the quality of goods.

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