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Payment for goods and services through service WebMoney occurs in the following order:

  1. The customer chooses liked him good, adds it to the cart. The cart displays the final price of goods, including delivery, taxes, fees, and discounts.
  2. The buyer then goes quick registration which shall give their contact information and correct delivery address, contact phone, write a note or wish to purchased goods.
  3. Read and accept the delivery and maintenance
  4. Select your preferred payment method and currency. In this case, choose Webmoney. And pay for the goods.
  5. Immediately after the payment of a link to download.

You can send money without ordering online:

  1. You can send money by specifying in the comments to the payment pattern number or product name or part number.
  2. Payment is made in the currency exchange rate ruling
  3. Other payment methods available on request
  4. Goods sent to the post office after some time link also appears in your account

Payment details:

  • 41001855088332 - Yandex money
  • 9644440222 - Kiwi (country code 7 or 8 Russian)
  • R255063957999 - WebMoney (rubles - payment by card / bank does not pass through)
  • R749385440857 - WebMoney (rubles - to pay by card)
  • Z376405558431 - WebMoney (dollars)
  • U226052345991 - WebMoney (hryvnia)
  • E411861726345 - WebMoney (euros)
  • 5469 5000 1117 6171 - Sberbank (map) (Ostroverkhov Alexander)
  • 4154 8169 4733 5324 - Alfabank (map) (Ostroverkhov Alexander)
  • - PayPal


If you have any questions please write to the email address in online support or call the reference to the Contacts tab. Concerning Administration PrestaPro.