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Colors and Fonts Theme Configurator

Reference: colorconfigurator Developed by Prestapro Themes

Colors and Fonts Theme Configurator


Colors and Fonts Theme Configurator allows you to customize colors and fonts, the width and fixation of the menu for your template in real time, with a few clicks, after setting up the classes.

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Benefits for Merchants

  • Time saving
  • Ability to customize the store on your own as many times as necessary, after the basic setting of CSS classes.
  • Does not modify PrestaShop core
  • Good compatibility with third-party modules.


  • After setting up classes can work with any template.
  • The default is compatible with the standard template.
  • Basic knowledge of HTML/CSS is required to configure
  • You can order the installation and configuration of the module for your store
  • Optimized for fast work
  • Nice design and UX
  • Saves time
  • Updates
  • Unlimited colors and fonts

Benefits for customers

  • Original design
  • Time saving
  • Best UX/UI


Colors and Fonts Theme Configurator is installed like any other module. Simply upload your archive to install it.


We guarantee the operation of the module with a standard template. ** If you need help in customization or fix, please contact us for pricing information.

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