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Photo Gallery Feed Social

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Photo Gallery Feed Social


Photo Gallery Feed for Instagram allows you to display the last posts from your account, simple synchronization and you show the most current news and offers on your site, the module has many settings and allows to fine tune the display of images.

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Benefits for Merchants

  • Best deals
  • Best navigation
  • A more attractive site
  • Ability to display multiple images
  • Rich settings


  • Container class - class, that adds to main module wrap in front. This can be, for example, class col-md-6 to set 50% width ( It can be set multiple classes divided with white space.
  • Hook - hook in which module will display instagram photos. There available four standard hooks - displayHome, displayFooter, displayLeftColumn, displayRightColumn and one custom hook displayInstagram. In order to display this hook, insert the following code to any tpl file: .
  • Image size - there are three types of images available - normal (the bigest), small and thumbnail (the smallest).
  • Open post on click on - when customer click on image in carousel post can be opened in modal window or in new tab on instagram site.
  • Slide changing speed - speed in ms with which slides change.
  • Autoplay speed - pause in ms before slides change in autoplay mode, if set 0 - autoplay disabled.
  • Slides preview - how many slides visible in carousel
  • Slides per column - if it set 2, than you will have two rows of slides, 3 - three rows and so on.
  • Slides per group - how many slides change on slide.
  • Effect - available four effects (slide, fade, cube, flip), only slide effect work with multiple slides, other work only with one slide. That means that slides per view, slides per column and slides per group automatically set to 1 before slider displays in front.
  • Show arrows - show or not arrows control
  • Show bullets - show or not bullets
  • Enable loop - if set “yes” then slides displays as infinity loop. This feature not work if slides per column more than one.

Benefits for customers

  • Your site will be more beautiful and brighter for your customers.
  • Customers will see your best offers and news.


Instagram feed is installed like any other module. Simply upload your archive and click Install.


We guarantee the operation of the module with a standard template. ** If you need help in customization or fix, please contact us for pricing information.

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