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Single Auction Product Bidding System

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Single Auction Product Bidding System


Single Auction Product Bidding System allows customers to place bids for products instead of purchasing them at a fixed price.

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Benefits for Merchants

  • Ability to arrange personal trades for goods
  • Customers do not see other players' bets.
  • Allows you to choose the best price from those who offered
  • Great for jewelry, artwork, handicraft and rare goods.


  • Ability to specify phone validation
  • The ability to send email to the customer, about the bet and the seller
  • The ability to show / hide the field with the message when assigning a rate for the goods
  • The ability to specify the limit of bets or make the number of bets unlimited for the client
  • Ability to specify an email to send offers of new rates
  • The ability to see from which IP was the rate
  • Ability to block a client
  • The ability to see a list of customer rates
  • The ability to see the email client from which to bid
  • The ability to see the date of the bid and time
  • Ability to set status for a bet (accepted / rejected / heading price / new)
  • Ability to send a message to the buyer

Benefits for customers

  • The ability to buy goods cheaper than the original price.
  • Save money
  • Get the right or rare item
  • Simple and convenient system for betting.


Product Bidding is installed like any other module. Simply upload your archive to install it.


We guarantee the operation of the module with a standard template. ** If you need help in customization or fix, please contact us for pricing information.

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