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Shipping Information

Shipping osuschestvlyuetsya around the world! This is an advantage that is spread on all digital products in any format.
Delivery of goods takes place instantaneously, immediately after receiving payment.
Payment for goods and services is as follows:

1.Pokupatel chooses his product, adds it to the cart. In the cart shown the final price of goods, taking into account the costs of shipping and tax charges and discounts.

2. The buyer then goes quick registration in which to specify their exact contact details and delivery address, contact phone, write a note or wish to purchased goods.

3. Read and accept the delivery and maintenance

4. Select your preferred payment method and currency (now there are three ways to pay)

Webmoney (payment / delivery of goods is instantaneous)
Robokassa (payment / delivery of goods is instantaneous)
Yandex money (as much as they pay is not online way to be a slight delay in delivery by this method.

Upon request, I can connect:

Inside 24
Qiwi (if you're really convenient to pay through them)

5. Pay

6. Immediately after the payment of a link to download.

In the Dashboard, click Orders. Click on the order number below a link to download.

If you have paid for the goods and you do not come to a link, send me an e-mail or check box to online customer support.