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Warranty and service conditions (public offer)


1.1 Conditional Agreement - this definition are present in this contract that are an integral part.

1.2 Definitions treated according to their nature and content of this contract.

Below is a list of definitions:

"Digital Goods" - marketplace in the face serverahttps: / /
Product (scheme) - the object of agreement between the parties.
Buyer - any natural or legal person, visit the "Digital Goods", intending to purchase a product, and pay for receiving the product.
Seller -, owner of the rights to sell products site "Digital Products prestapro"


2.1 This offer (hereinafter - Agreement) defines a particular sale of the Product in the "Digital Goods". This offer applies to any product, owns the rights for sale of which is to prestapro

2.2 Activities in the field of consumer protection are regulated by the Civil Code, Law "On Protection of Consumer Rights" and adopted in accordance with other applicable federal laws and regulations of the Russian Federation.


3.1 Provision of Buyer access to products presented under the "Digital Goods prestapro".

3.2 Payment of commissions to attract other customers who use the "Digital Goods prestapro".

4. Time of the contract.

4.1 The text of the Agreement is a public offer (in accordance with Article 435 and Paragraph 2 of Article 437 of the Civil Code).

4.2 Acceptance of the offer - purchase the Product in the manner defined by the tariff "Digital Goods prestapro" and terms of payment.

4.3 The fact that the acquisition of the Product is the unconditional acceptance by Buyer of this Agreement.

The buyer, use the "Digital Goods prestapro. Ru", is regarded as a person who has entered the Seller a contractual relationship.


5.1 Digital Goods prestapro. Ru undertakes:

5.1.1 Since the conclusion of this Agreement to ensure full all its obligations to Buyer in accordance with the terms stipulated in aggregate site "Digital Products" and this agreement.

"Digital Goods" reserves the right to default in the event of force majeure.

5.1.2 not disclose any personal information of Buyer and not to provide access to this information with third parties except as required by law or at the request of the Purchaser.

5.2 "Digital Goods prestapro" is entitled to:

5.2.1 Changing this Agreement and Tariffs for unilaterally placing them on the server at

All changes take effect immediately after publication.

5.3 The Buyer undertakes to:

5.3.1 Prior to the conclusion of an agreement to consult the Contract of the Offer, the terms of the contract and tariffs offered by the "Digital Goods prestapro. Ru" on WWW - server (

5.3.2 In pursuance of its obligations to the Seller the Buyer shall inform the latter all the necessary information that uniquely identify it as a buyer, and sufficient to deliver to the Buyer paid for their product.


6.1 The Seller makes every effort to provide quality services Pokupatelyu.Sovety and information given by the Purchaser shall not be treated as warranty. The warranty on the goods offered and then those. maintenance (service) does not apply. Return of goods is carried out in case of no compliance with the specs

6.2 Parties shall be exempt from liability for nonperformance or improper performance of obligations under the Agreement at the time of force majeure. Under force majeure refers to the extraordinary and compelling circumstances in the given conditions affecting performance of its obligations under this Agreement by the parties. These include natural phenomena (earthquakes, floods, etc.), the circumstances of social life (military action, emergency regulations, major strikes, epidemics, etc.), prohibitive measures of public authorities. During this time, the parties have mutual claims, and each party assumes its own risk the consequences of force - majeure.


7.1 The price of products, "Digital Goods prestapro. Ru" is determined in accordance with the Price List, which is annexed to this Agreement and its integral part.

7.2 The price of products may vary depending on market conditions, reflected in the price list.

The seller can not change the price for a particular buyer, if he had already accepted the terms of the Seller and performed in accordance with this contract payment order product.

7.3 The price of information products is indicated with the value added tax.


8.1Srok of this offer is set from 1 January 2011 to January 1, 2020

8.2 Review of the offer itself (public trade offer) could be made by the Seller at any time, but it is not grounds for rejection of the obligations the seller has already signed contracts.


9.1 The buyer gets the product direct links, created the site "Digital Products prestapro. Ru" after your payment and sent by e-mail the buyer if such address has been communicated to the software "Digital Goods prestapro. Ru" in the process payment product.