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Module PrestaShop Product Attributes List In Product List

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Module PrestaShop Show Combinations and Product Attributes In
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Module PrestaShop Product Attributes List In Product List allows show attributes at the list pages (home, category, search, best sellers, etc) and display different images for products with attributes, different prices, and different quantity.

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Benefits for Merchants

Your customers will be able to choose product attributes directly at the product list.


  • Show attributes at the list pages (category, search, best sellers, etc);
  • Image, price, discount, minimal quantity will change accordingly to the chosen combination;
  • Discount change accordingly to the chosen quantity;
  • Ability to set the number of products;
  • Ability to add to shopping cart chosen combination directly from the product list.

Benefits for customers

Module PrestaShop Product Attributes List In Product List helps the customer to quickly choose product attributes without need to go on the product page. Enchanted customer experience allows finding a suitable product much faster with fewer clicks.


Product Attribute List is installed like any other module. Simply upload your archive and click ‘Install’.


We guarantee the operation of the module with a standard template. ** If you need help with customization or fix, please contact us for pricing information.

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